A place where strangers on the internet can be present for each other.

If there are other people on when you visit you connect to a console where everyone sees what is being typed.
Each circle represents presence.
You are alone if there is only one circle.
Another circle could be the presence of someone else.
It could also be the presence of a shadow.
If you are alone, everything you type is going to be recorded and saved as a shadow.
The device is full of shadows.
Messages left by people who didn't have the chance to be present with others.
If you want to read them you must have patience.
A shadow will reveal itself every once in a while.
A shadow is a recorded stream of keystrokes and carriage returns.
A carriage return is a mechanism used to reset the cursor position and it takes place when the text on screen gets long or when you make a short pause.
Your shadow is saved on the device when you make a long pause.
Shadows close to each other merge as one.
If you don't interrupt a shadow when you see one and start to type shortly after it leaves, you will create a shadow companion and messages from both will be joined as a new shadow.
Lonely shadows fade away.
It's hard to tell if you are reading messages from the past (a shadow) or if someone is currently typing because shadows appear as if someone is typing in the present.
You get disconnected if you click away from the browser tab or you minimize your browser.
To get reconnected click inside the browser tab or restore the minimized browser.
If half or more than half of people type at the same time the console resets.
In a way you are allowing someone else to type by being a listener.

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